We are conducting market research and connecting with WooCommerce store managers to try and understand some of the challenges you have with running your store.

We are looking for participants that are:

  • between the ages 20 and 30
  • managing an eCommerce store
  • is using (or has used) WooCommerce to power their store

If this sound like you and you have 30 minutes for an interview, we’d love to have a chat.
During the interview, we will ask to find out information like:

  • general demographic and technology usage questions
  • the challenges/issues you’ve faced as a WooCommerce store manager
  • why this is a problem and how you’ve tried to solve it

As a token of our appreciation for your time, if you are selected to be interviewed, you will receive a $30 Amazon gift voucher at the completion of the interview.

To apply, the simplest way is to schedule a time using our calendly calendar.

Please Note: not all applicants will be offered an interview